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Nigel de Gruchy
General Secretary
NASUWT (1990-2002)

This is the chicken or egg conundrum. Which should the 40-year-old disillusioned schoolteacher, Terry Park, try to reform first: the whole of British society or its antiquated education system? With his new girlfriend, Susan Mansfield – a radical, strongwilled university lecturer – he tries to do both by forming his own political party and standing for Parliament. But Terry soon has more problems on his plate than he’d bargained for! Extract 1Extract 2Extract 3Extract 4

This book offers a viable and attractive alternative to school-based teaching. It suggests that gradually, as the 21st century progresses, traditional schools be replaced by a child-centred, home-based,
tutor-guided and multimedia-supported approach that is capable of providing a tailor-made programme of study for each child

from birth to early teens. Download extract.

This short novel is a telling skit on today’s schooling and foresees a
time when the 150-year old Victorian system finally collapses.
A panicking Prime Minister calls for a most select committee to contrive solutions – and rapidly. But only one member has the slightest idea of what to do and he bullies the conscripted, cantankerous and ill-informed committee into doing his bidding. Download extract.