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Pete Yeomans



  Author, educator, and advocate of common sense! John began writing articles at school, and at the age of 17 he wrote a piece published in the school magazine, 'Education and what it fails to do', which demonstrated, even then, radical views on education. He flirted with the idea of becoming a journalist and contributed feature articles to many newspapers, advancing his educational views. After a brief spell in the Royal Engineers, John went St Peter's C of E College in Birmingham, where he edited the students' weekly paper. He obtained a degree in sociology from London University, followed by a higher degree (specialising in the role of literature in education) from the University of Leicester. This resulted in the publication of his first books, English

Through Literature (ISBN 978-0247636897). John's career in education began with a teaching post in a 1,000-strong junior school in Leicester, and subsequently progressed to a position at Hanbury Secondary School and a headship of a secondary school, before moving into teacher training at Nottingham Trent Polytechnic (now Nottingham Trent University). John taught summer schools for teachers in Manitoba and New Brunswick, and spent three years on secondment at The Bahamas Teachers' College in Nassau. His published books on educational reform include the critically acclaimed In Place of Schools (ISBN 978-0946947621) and Teaching Tomorrow (ISBN 978-1871526448). Vote for Terry Park! is John's latest work, available to buy now in paperback and on Amazon Kindle. His pamphlet Way Beyond School can be freely downloaded here.